Refined Skincare

Holistic Medi Spa believes in a holistic approach to skin care. We focus on not only the short term benefits of skin care but the treatments and methods that lend to long lasting healthy skin. Our estheticians have been in business for over 15 years and have studied skin all over the world to bring you the most natural and beneficial methods of maintaining healthy skin. Their goal is to bring great skincare to Las Vegas.


Our med spa staff’s main focus is to repair and maintain your skin’s natural lipid barrier. Using corneotherapy, we work to better your skin defenses on the outside, strengthening the lipid barrier in order to protect and rejuvenate deeper layers of the skin.

With a complimentary 1st consultation, Holistic Medi Spa can teach you the steps to maintaining your skin. Putting in the time and devotion your skin deserves will help its long term health.


Our staff provides the most luxurious European facials you will get in Las Vegas. We will consult with our clients about facial hair maintenance with nasal hair removal included. A hand and arm massage are included to help pamper your hardest working skin. And a neck and shoulder massage to help relieve tension. Self-care at its finest from the best skin care Las Vegas specialists.

Not only do we provide hydrating facials we also provide waxing for every part of the body; including some of those harder to reach places. Our waxing treatments are healthy for your skin and health to maintain a strong lipid barrier.

We also offer the ‘red carpet’ of skin care with our Luzern 0² Infusion. Using pure oxygen, we insert vitamins and nutrients directly into your skin. Leaving you with a brighter, healthier glow than you can get with chemical peels. Our methods think of the long term benefits for your skin and we’re sure to consult you in treatments that won’t lead to aging over time.

Hand and arm massages provided with most facials treatments

Value of Holistic Medi Spa

Our skin has to fight for its longevity every day. Pollutants, sun damage, Las Vegas’s elevation, lack of humidity, and high winds all play a factor in how our skin behaves. Lifestyle and diet in Las Vegas can also vary and have an effect on your skin.

With fillers very readily available in Las Vegas, it’s easy to want to get a quick fix. At Holistic Medi Spa, we aren’t against those procedures, but we can teach you steps to make those ‘quick fixes’ unnecessary or allow them to last longer.

After receiving treatment from Holistic Medi Spa, you will slowly see longer lasting more vibrant and natural results. The experts at our facility can help you save your money in the long term by taking care of your skin today!. You will experience smooth, refined results!

What to Expect?

A first-time patient will receive a complimentary consultation to discuss the products you currently use and your daily regimen. We’ll also discuss your lifestyle and diet to see what other areas are affecting your skin. We’re not here to judge you or tell you to change your life.  However, we would love to direct you in ways you can update your routine to give you better results.

We’ll discuss the issues you’re having with your skin and your skin type. Problem areas? Dryness? Breakouts? We’ll discuss what you can do to rectify these issues with a long-term plan that will greatly improve your skin.

We’ll check the feel of your skin, your muscles density, skin tightness, and pores. Checking all these aspects can help us detect what’s leading to discoloration, hyperpigmentation and other skin problems you may be facing.

Our procedures provide amazing gowns and lavish, comfortable beds for all our clients.

Skin Care in Las Vegas Made Easy!

Our medical spa process is the #1 alternative to aggressive skin treatments. Some skin care can give you short term great results, but only leave you with long term skin damage. We do not use steroids in our treatments and the products we use don’t include silicones or perfumes that age skin.

Our main priority is advising you in the best long term treatments that will keep your skin looking great and feeling healthy. Contact us today for your complimentary consultation.