How to Quiet Your Mind

Woman,sitting peacefully on a rock,meditating out in nature with the sun shining on her

Everyone is busy, busy, busy! We are so caught up in balancing our work, our families and everything else, that we forget to balance ourselves. When we are out of balance, stress builds up and has nowhere to go.  We get moody, then things don’t go our way, then it’s a whole downward spiral. The snowball effect. Our bad energy gathers speed as we tumble through life. Until we stop, slow down, and take care of ourselves. Meditation, Tai chi, gratitude, rock stacking, staying present, and getting back in nature are all ways that we can counteract the overwhelm of the busyness of life.

Why Do We Need to be Balanced? 

Why do we want to be balanced? In running around from one place to another, our thoughts get scrambled, much like when too many tabs are open on our computer, and pretty soon, we just can’t think anymore. It causes us to make mistakes and forget things and rush, rush, rush, not really being present with our families and friends, and spacing out at work. It really makes things take longer to do because, in your hurry, you forgot your keys and got locked out. Now you have to climb through the window, making you even later. 

How do we get back in balance?

Stop! Slow down, take a deep breath. Hold it. Now let it out. Take another deep breath, let it out slowly, Are you starting to feel better? When our computer has too many tabs open, it can’t “think” anymore and we have to shut it down and keep it off for a few minutes so it can “reset” itself. When we start it back up, it’s “mind” is clear and it can function easily again and do everything more quickly and precisely. 

Our brains are the same. Sometimes we need to stop, quiet our minds, and turn off our thoughts, if only for a few moments. All of our thoughts that were shaking around in our brain like sparkles in a snowglobe, tend to settle and stop. When we start again, the blizzard of thoughts is now a peaceful dusting of snow on the ground and your mind is now realigned. Thoughts now come more easily, priorities are realized and the extra thoughts flying around, distracting you from the here and now are dispersed. 

How do I quiet my mind?

Playing with your pets, watching fish swim in an aquarium, doing yoga, and even helping someone else can take your mind off the daily grind and get you back into a positive space. The following are a few ideas of how to quiet the mind.


When you get overwhelmed, the easiest thing to do is stop and take three deep breaths. This will calm you enough to be able to think of what the next step might be, whether it is to take more deep breaths, or to make a rational decision to realize you are ok and you need to take a break so you can go on.


Unless you live in a big city, this one is fairly easy to do as well. Go outside and put your bare feet in the grass. Lay on the beach and soak in the sun, Plant a flower or dig up some weeds in your garden. Leave your phone somewhere else and completely disconnect for at least a few minutes. Even if you live in a big city, there are parks or greenbelts around where you can go to breathe in some fresh air.  


Exercise, whether it is riding a bike, running or just walking your dog, releases endorphins. These chemicals improve your focus so you can get to the task at hand and make you feel happy and calm. They also help you sleep better, another way to clear your mind. 

Tai Chi

Tai Chi is a form of martial arts that is a series of movements, that, once you know them, you can practice anywhere. Practicing Tai Chi calms the mind and body, and soothes the soul. It not only reduces stress, but helps reduce pain, improve balance and much more. It doesn’t take very long to learn and it is easy on the body, most people will be able to do the movements. Here is a 5 minute easy Tai Chi video and here is a more involved 10 minute Tai Chi video. Check them out!


Reading a book takes the mind away from real world problems and helps the mind focus and the body rest. Reading a good book can also be inspiring, opening your mind to new ideas and new ways of thinking.  


What is your favorite medium? Do you like to paint on canvas or on rocks? Do you like to draw animations or illustrations? Do you like woodworking, sculpting, or throwing pottery? All of these activities can calm your mind. There are so many other ways to create to get “in the zone.” What is your passion? Working on cars? Knitting? Crocheting? You can even color in a coloring book or sneak some of your kids playdough to keep your hands happy and your mind quiet. It all helps!


Yes, listening to music can calm your mind as well. Singing along is even better and belting out your favorite song at the top of your lungs is pure therapy! Research has shown that music can even help people deal with physical pain. Music can also enhance your memory and help you manage stress. Pull out those songs that have always made you happy and watch your mood improve immensely!


Are all of your thoughts still racing around in your head like glitter in a shaken snow globe? Meditation can help the glitter settle so you are calm and relaxed and can take on the world. To literally quiet your mind, find a comfy place with no distractions, close your eyes and try to just let all of your thoughts go. Don’t concentrate on any one thing, just listen to the silence as long as it feels comfortable. 5-10 minutes is enough to clear your mind and settle your thoughts. 

Get a Facial and a Massage 

If you really want to treat yourself (come on, you know it’s been a while), get a facial and a massage at Holistic Medi Spa, it’s the best way to quiet your mind! Vika will not only help you relax, but she can help design a skin care routine to make you look and feel fabulous!

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