Benefits of Receiving Facial Treatment

Facial treatment is extremely important for not only cleaning your skin, but learning about what products are helpful for your skin in particular. Not everyone is the same, your provider can help you understand what products will be the most beneficial to you. Here are other benefits besides clearer looking and healthier skin.

Overall Deep Clean

Using different materials and dependent on the type of treatment you request to receive, the facialist will clean your pores and exfoliate the skin before extracting any bacteria or dirt. Since this process is easier with heat and the opening of your pores you will most likely spend a certain amount of time under a steamer in order to keep your pores open and not only make it easier for your facialist to clean but also allow for you to get the best clean possible.

Glowing Appearance

Whether your clean is done with a scrub or some sort of chemical peel, the process removes the top layer of dead skin. This allows for you to expose a new layer of healthy and bright skin once the exfoliation is complete and the moisturizing process begins. During the exfoliation process it is very common to feel a tingling sensation or even burn as this is the process of removing dead skin and particles from your skin to expose the healthy underneath layer.

This new layer of skin will not only leave you with a significantly brighter and healthier appearance but it will also show your skin to be much softer and more smooth. The products that are applied to your skin during the treatment such as moisturizers and serums are applied to hydrate your skin which is why your skin appears bright and smooth in order to emphasize and bring out the layer of healthy skin that is now revealed.

Holistic Medi Spa

We are focused on nourishing your skin’s natural look and barrier, our treatments are not only a great way for you to relax and to relieve some stress, but they are also a great way for you to restore a healthy and bright look to enhance your skin. Take a chance to explore the many different types of treatments we offer and contact us today to receive a consultation.

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