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We take the holistic approach to skincare, caring for and understanding your whole health. Contact us today to maintain your skin’s wellness and nourish your body.

About Us

Vika started her esthetic career in 1997 while
living in Italy. After returning to US, Vika became
a regional trainer for Skin Ceuticals.

Our Services

Our services focus on nourishing your skin’s natural lipid barrier. Not only are they a great treat to help you relax and reduce stress, but it’s also an opportunity to enhance the skin’s wellness. Explore our many options for facial treatments, which all begin with a customized consultation to determine the right path for your treatment.

Customized European Facial | 60 min


Our customized European facial uses the best of science and nature. Revive, rejuvenate and treat your skin, leaving it luxuriously smooth, hydrated and glowing. The perfect choice for first timers or skin maintenance.

Luzern 0² Infusion | 60 min


Designed to detoxify, nourish and hydrate the skin on a cellular level. This effective, yet pampering treatment uses Oxygen Detox Infusion technology and Bio-Swiss organic anti-aging extracts. This Advanced Oxygen facial targets and treats all skin types and conditions.

80 min w/ Micro-current $225

Anti-Aging Facial & Massage | 90 min


Utilizing the revolutionary, time reversing technology of custom selected products which are chosen for the client’s unique needs. This innovative luxury treatment retains and extends skin cell lifespan, reactivates the skin’s own anti-aging mechanism and reclaims lost radiance as it visibly smooths fine lines and wrinkles. The lifting effects are further intensified by our exclusive, intensively firming massage techniques.

Silky Smooth Facial Hair Depilation| 45 min


Performed with French Cerepil low-temperature melting resin and Chamomile derivative, Azulene, this treatment will leave your skin not only hair free but exfoliated and glowing. The safest method to achieve natural anti-aging results, while leaving your delicate facial skin smooth, plump and hair free!

Lymphatic Facial with Massage | 90 min


This luxurious European facial massage includes MLD,  Manual Lymphatic Drainage treatment, to help eliminate bacteria, waste and toxins while improving skin tone and texture. Our Esthetician is specially certified in the method, known as the Dr. Vodder Method for Manual Lymphatic Drainage. A therapeutic treatment for those with allergies or puffiness in the face.

Lymphatic Face Massage | 45 min


This immune-boosting MLD treatment stimulates lymphatic flow to reduce inflammation, puffiness, and allergy symptoms. Many plastic surgeons recommend this therapeutic treatment pre and post-surgery.

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